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Business HR/Shared Services

In today's dynamic business landscape, operational efficiency and workforce management are paramount. At 70 Degree, our Business HR/Shared Services solutions are meticulously designed to enhance your business operations, streamline processes, and drive overall excellence.

Why Choose Our Business HR/Shared Services?

  1. Strategic Partner: Our Strategic Partner service connects you with seasoned HR experts who become integral members of your team. Collaborate with them to develop and execute HR strategies tailored to your organization's specific goals. Access their wealth of knowledge in workforce planning, talent development, and organizational growth. Harness data-driven insights to ensure that your HR practices are finely tuned to align seamlessly with your overarching business objectives.

  2. Operations Manager: Streamline and optimize your HR operations with the Operations Manager feature. This component serves as the central hub for managing critical HR processes, including payroll, benefits administration, and regulatory compliance. It ensures that these processes run smoothly and efficiently, freeing up your HR team to focus on strategic initiatives. Consistency is key, and this feature guarantees the uniform implementation of HR policies and procedures, which in turn, supports the achievement of your organizational objectives.

  3. Emergency Responder: Preparation for HR-related crises and swift, effective response is essential. With the Emergency Responder feature, we help you develop and implement comprehensive emergency response plans for critical HR situations. Whether it's dealing with natural disasters or public health emergencies, our experts provide the support and resources your employees need during challenging times. Rest assured, you're in capable hands to navigate and mitigate HR-related crises.

  4. Employee Mediator: Harmony within the workplace is crucial, and our Employee Mediator service is here to facilitate it. Our skilled mediators are experienced in conflict resolution and mediation between employees and teams. They create a positive and productive work environment by addressing and resolving disputes effectively. Employees are given a neutral and confidential platform to voice their concerns, allowing for open dialogue and the discovery of mutually beneficial solutions. Employee satisfaction and a cooperative workplace culture are at the forefront of this service.


Experience Operational Excellence with 70 Degree

Our Business HR/Shared Services go beyond traditional HR functions. They are a catalyst for optimizing your operational capabilities, improving productivity, and enhancing your bottom line. With a proven track record across various industries, we are your trusted partner in elevating your business operations. Let us help you transform your business for sustained success.

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