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Statutory Governance And Compliance

In the modern business landscape, navigating statutory governance and managing finances go hand in hand. At 70 Degree, our Statutory Governance and Finance solutions are meticulously designed to help your organization achieve compliance with legal regulations while optimizing financial performance.

Why Choose Our Statutory Governance and Finance Services?

  1. Online Training Assessment Center: Streamline compliance training with our online platform, offering a range of modules and assessments.Easily track and monitor employee progress, ensuring adherence to statutory requirements.Maintain comprehensive records for regulatory audits and reporting.

  2. Startup Certifications:Navigate the complexities of regulatory certifications for startups with expert guidance.Receive assistance in obtaining permits and licenses necessary for legal operations.Simplify the certification process and ensure full compliance with statutory mandates.

  3. Provident Fund:Efficiently manage and administer provident fund accounts for your employees.Ensure compliance with contribution, withdrawal, and interest calculation regulations.Provide easy access to provident fund information for both employees and administrators.

  4. Employee State Insurance:Stay compliant with Employee State Insurance (ESI) regulations through our dedicated support.Accurately handle ESI contributions and benefits, promoting employee well-being.Receive expert guidance on ESI-related matters for statutory compliance.

  5. Labour Welfare Fund:Facilitate compliance with labor welfare fund requirements with our assistance.Simplify fund contributions, disbursements, and reporting processes.Ensure the welfare and social security of your employees while meeting statutory obligations.

  6. Professional Task Consultation and Educational Slots:Access expert consultation for a range of professional tasks related to statutory compliance.Stay informed and up-to-date with our educational slots covering regulatory changes.Receive personalized guidance to address specific compliance challenges and enhance your understanding of statutory governance.


Experience Statutory Governance and Financial Excellence with 70 Degree

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