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Failed Communication

One of my client took more than 200 interviews of graduates a year. These graduates are intelligent, well qualified, and keen to find a job in today’s competitive market. Yet within Interview process and having successful onboarding, during 12 months 60 per cent of them have left the company. Why? Some are simply not up to it, or find that the work doesn’t suit them, but the largest single reason for this alarmingly high drop-out rate is the graduates’ inability to communicate with their peers and their superiors.

Cost of failed communication can be absolutely staggering, involving:

■ loss of trust;

■ loss of confidence;

■ loss of credibility;

■ loss of respect;

■ loss of business;

■ loss of money;

■ loss of relationships;

■ loss of staff;

■ loss of clients

■loss of time;

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